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Computer Age or Human Age?

Here's a blog I wrote on February 15, 2008. It seems just as relevant now as before, except technology has advanced to the Nth degree. May you find some "aha" moments nonetheless.

Ancient Wisdom reminds us, “What we see on the outside is a direct mirror reflection of the inside.

I sat on a Friday night, tonight, February 15, 2008, thinking about this concept.

As a yogi, I find myself in deep contemplation often. Where most of my peers in their late 20’s are off drinking at a bar, dancing, or getting ready for the night at 8:30 pm, I’m already preparing for bed. I’d rather wake early to the sound of silence then stay out late in the sound of chaos. Back to the point, so here I am Friday night reflecting on how the outside world is TRULY a direct reflection of the inside world of us, each human being.

I began to marvel at how wonderful the Internet and E-mail system has become. How amazingly fast and efficient it is. Click click click and I have a whole dissertation sent across the globe. Click Click Click and I have music produced by a friend in France playing on my computer. WOW!

Continuing to read Jeffrey Armstrong’s newest book Karma, The Ancient Science of Cause and Effect it became so clear and obvious to me how the Computer Age is truly a direct reflection in EVERY WAY of the current Human Age.

The Internet, or inner-net, of energy frequencies and bundles of energy and information streaming through space and time, from our home computers and from our computers we call bodies. Information sent from one place to another, communicating long distances from brain to foot, foot to the brain in milliseconds. The Internet, aka “the Web”, is a direct reflection of the internal web within us. The web of energy channels, nadis, (72,000 or so), acupressure meridians, energy points like satellites or signal receivers, vortexes of swirling energy that concentrates energy into particular areas. The Web is our web. We can take this one step further to extend our computer-based Internet Web to that of the Web of Consciousness of All That Is. The omnipresent Web of Consciousness that knows All and is available to anyone who chooses to tap into its frequencies…sound familiar to computer talk?

In October of 2005 I took a Healing course called Total Body Modification. Although I never became a proficient practitioner of it, mostly because it was like learning HTML Coding (something I didn’t want to invest my energy into at the time), I definitely understood and believed the profound healing impact it had on the human bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Not only because it made sense to me but also because I could feel and experience the healing that took place when it was done on me. Throughout this training, the body was continually being compared to a computer. Our physical body was the hard drive, the brain is the internal processor, the heart is the software, and conductors and silicon connectors are our energy channels. It made perfect sense in a not so traditional way. I got it. How simple I thought, if a person can understand computers and their workings, they can understand the human body. If they can take apart and put a computer back together, they could probably be an incredible healer. Of course, in the back of my mind, this gave me hope that my computer engineer brother who has been calling me his “hippy sister who’s gone woo-wooo” might come around to “get” me when he heard this correlation. Like I said, after that weekend training, I used TBM on a few people while the language and protocols were fresh in my mind. But after a while, like learning a foreign language, I didn’t use it and I began to lose the language.

But a major lesson was learned and a new paradigm of looking at the human body and its healing capabilities understood. Here, two years later on this beautiful Friday night, I began to understand TBM in a deeper light, with greater appreciation.

If we continue to look at our external world as a direct reflection of our inner world, we can also understand more of our human evolution in the past ten to twenty years. Most importantly how quickly we are evolving as a species, consciously and unconsciously. Consciously it is very easy to see how quickly technology, especially the computer industry, has evolved. It was just ten years ago that the Internet had entered the public school systems. Twenty years ago, I remember our school opened its first computer lab. Dot matrix screens with green or orange print, dot matrix printers, and the only game available were Frogger or Oregon Trail. The Internet wasn’t even an everyday word until I was in high school. Even then, most home computers were on dial-up modems. Remember when it would take 5-10 minutes for your computer to warm-up and dial-in?

Today, we are seeing faster, smaller, more powerful computers every month. Not only is the hardware advancing but the software is becoming more complicated, more user-friendly, and the diversity of programs is unthinkable as to ten years ago. Computer viruses are becoming more prevalent, harder to track and able to destroy more information than ever before. Sound familiar? Our bodies are two upgrading, adapting, taking on more energy and changes than ever before. And like the Apple vs. IBM debate as to “stick with what I know computer” and not try the new one, we fight ourselves and deny change even if the other “sounds just as good.” Internally struggling to stay within the comfort zone of what I “know,” refusing to even consider changing to another computer or a different lifestyle. In the process creating more stress or denying the inevitable change, becoming attached to something that is being outdated, thus our software systems begin to show signs of wear and tear…cancer, hypertension, migraine headaches, repetitive injuries. We are definitely in a mirroring stage of existence.

While viruses become more and more ramped, at the same time the anti-virus programs, firewalls, computers that filter Junk and pop-ups are also growing at an astounding rate to keep up with the “negative” aspects of computers. As a “healer” I can see a direct reflection of the number of Healers who have come out of their closet to step into their role as a healer in the past five to ten years. Different modalities, creative, intuitive, channeled, and integrative methods of healing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body spring up every week. They all work, and like anti-virus software, are becoming more and more powerful against the unforeseen virus. Becoming more preventative in nature rather than curative.

Another direct reflection of the Computer World as our own is the ongoing struggle between choosing to stick with our old computer systems that we grew up with or adapting new systems that are unknown but sound more reliable, efficient, and virus proof. Where some people take the leap of faith of buying a new computer and totally different computing system without even thinking twice, typically the switch from IBM to Apple (a more virus preventative computer), there are those who still hold on with a stronghold to what they know because they don’t want to have to go through learning something new or changing what already “works” for them. Again, does this sound familiar to our conscious evolving (or not evolving) groups of society? Some people quickly adapting to change while there are those who refuse to think outside the old paradigm box of what makes them comfortable. A critical difference, once again reflected in our growing computer world, is that we can’t deny the change any longer. It’s happening whether we want it to or not.

Consciously we can see, even in our economic market, that computers, their workings, software, and components are changing faster than ever. Our bodies, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies are ALSO changing faster than ever. At an unconscious level, the computer industry may think they are working to keep up with developing technology, but perhaps technology is attempting to keep up with changing and evolving human consciousness? My altruism holds faith in the later. They are one and the same, a direct reflection of each other.

At this critical, burgeoning time of human consciousness, we can choose to hold on and refuse to change to a new hardware, operating system, processor, and software because we fear change, the unknown and we’ve become too complacent and comfortable to learn something new thereby inducing stress, virus, and other conditions or dis-eases of our computing systems. Or we can take a step towards the unknown, go with the flow of change and ask for an upgraded operating system, processor, and software that keep us up to date with the ever-expanding possibilities thereby reducing undue stress and dis-ease in the body. How do you want to live? It’s up to you.

Going back to where this whole article began, if the outside world is a direct reflection of our inside world, what else can we learn about ourselves as evolving spirits on planet earth if we look outside? Are you destroying yourself like our environment? How much pollution and carbon emissions are you filling your body with or are you choosing new ways of living that reduce these chemical toxins? Are you choosing to live and support spraying your food with toxic chemicals and pesticides the same way you spray your internal organs with pharmaceuticals and drugs? Are you recycling because it makes you look good from the outside and it’s a fad, the way you try to do the new fad diet or health conscious trip because it makes you look like you care from the outside? How do you really feel on the inside? What steps are you truly living because you believe in it versus the things you do because it makes you look good?

Remember our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world. I challenge you to look at the outside life in this manner and then reflect on your inner-self. See a resemblance? If not, it was fun to consider this point of view and to write this article. You read this far, which means something caught your attention and I thank you for your precious time. For those who have read this article and truly “get it” I thank you too for your time. May our ever-changing world continue to inspire us to “Be the change we wish to see in the World.”

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