Yoga Classes


"True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.  Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived."

Aadil Palkhivala

Online Yoga Classes

On YouTube or Together on Zoom

Yoga at home or by yourself is part of the sadhana (devotional practices) and commitment of aligning your life with something more subtle, more healthful, more mindful.  Online yoga is also just sometimes more affordable and more flexible with your hectic schedule.  As a mom on-the-go, I get you!  You're invited to begin or dive deeper into your yoga practice with my YouTube channel "Qi & Prana - Yoga with Haunani"  

Yoga in a commUNITY brings up a whole new set of reflections and teachings.  Join me via Zoom for one of my next online yoga series.    

Weekly Online Class - Tuesday 9-10:30am EST

Yoga with Haunani NOW WEEKLY

Next 6-week session: TBA 2021 

Description of class:  The progression of each class is mindfully selected to create a journey back to your sacred self.  We will flow, breathe, sometimes sweat, and explore your body and mind's interconnectedness.  Classes integrate seasonal wisdom, acupressure, Chinese Medicine meridians, pranayama, meditation, and Ayurveda.  Contact me prior to register.

Yoga Teachers!  Join Haunani's ALIGNED membership for additional weekly classes and mentorship.

New to Yoga?

Things you should know

  • You will move your body in new ways.  Your body will be challenged.  There may be discomfort but there should NEVER be pain (sharp, stabbing, intense, burning pain). 

  • If you feel pain, please STOP.  Get assistance.

  • You will also challenge your mind.  To focus.  To breathe.  To become aware of the body and mind together.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.  You will sweat. 

  • Please avoid wearing strong scents, colognes, perfumes, and lotions.  

  • Avoid smoking prior to and immediately after your yoga class.

  • Come on an empty stomach.  If you must eat, please limit it to a piece of fruit, drink tea, or consume something easy to digest.  Practicing on a full-stomach is not advised.

  • Because you're moving your body, breath, and mind in new ways, you may feel some type of emotional release.  This shows up in many ways.  Please DO NOT stuff it back inside.  Let it out. Yoga class is a safe place for you to release this stored energy and allow the innate wisdom of your body and mind to heal.

  • Yoga heals with consistent, mindful, and unattached practice. The key is a regular practice.  10 minutes a day is better than one 60 minute class a week.

What to Bring

Things you'll need for your home practice

  • Yoga mat.  

  • Water bottle.  

  • Towel. 

  • Yoga props are highly recommended.  You can often find these at your local sporting goods store or on Amazon.  What I recommend: 1-2 folded blankets or beach towels, 2 "blocks" (i.e. yoga blocks, books, or tupperware), and 1 "strap" (i.e. belt, tie, hand towel, or scarf).  Note: if attending a studio or gym, these are usually provided by the facility.

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