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Integrated Yoga Anatomy (IYA) is Haunani's signature yoga anatomy manual and curriculum specifically created for Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT 200hr or 300hr). IYA is constantly evolving and incorporates over 20 years of study, application, and instruction in the topics of bio-medicine (anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology) and Asian Medicine (anatomy, physiology, Yoga & Samkhya philosophy,  asana, Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine).  


IYA is an outstanding companion to your Yoga journey, for teacher trainings, and continuing education. It is a thoughtful system's thinking approach integrating anatomy with Yoga's sacred teachings where students become more connected with their divine nature.


This 108 page manual is a personal labor of love written by Dr. Haunani Chong Drake, DACM, L.Ac., AWC, ERYT500, founder of Integrated Yoga Anatomy and founder of Qi & Prana.  


For those who lead Yoga Teacher Trainings or Events, please contact Qi & Prana to inquire on how to collaborate or bring IYA and Dr. Haunani to your community.  Dr. Haunani's IYA training uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic instruction to meet the needs of different learning styles found within an event.  Creating fun and memorable explorations into the human body and its wholeness, students don't just learn anatomy, they begin to embody, have huge a-ha moments, and apply the knowledge immediately to their personal and professional lives. 


"Haunani's Yoga Anatomy material was an essential addition to our Teacher Training program. Her delivery style is energetic, passionate, concise and thorough. Haunani's extensive knowledge and her charismatic, heart-warming energy made for an effective and special experience for our trainees. It allowed them to learn the content of this important topic in a way that was accessible and enjoyable. Haunani was a joy to work with; professional, accommodating, and most of all, her passion for the practice illuminates her teachings. I highly recommend inviting Haunani to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with your rising yoga teachers!" - Catie, Founder of Tula Yoga & Healing Arts


This manual is copywrite and cannot be shared without permission.

Integrated Yoga Anatomy Manual

  • By downloading this manual, you agree to and understand there are  physical risks involved with exercise, yoga asana, and subtle body practices and understand it is your personal responsibility to consult with your primary care doctor regarding your full participation.  You will read and practice with discernment and assume full responsibility for the results of your practice. 

    Refund Policy: No full refunds will be granted due to the course manual being delivered at the time of purchase.

    Cancellation:A 100% refund will be granted if an IYA event is canceled prior to the start date.

    Policies: I agree to and understand that no part of the IYA manual may be redistributed, copied, or sold by me or my affiliates, employees, contracted workers, or associations without the written consent of Qi & Prana, and Haunani Drake.

    I understand that the instruction and advice presented in this program are not intended as a substitute for medical advice and counseling and that I should consult my primary medical physician for any conditions that I currently have or may arise during the training. By purchasing and downloading these materials, I agree to these policies and terms and conditions stated above.

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