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Rx Breathe. Connect. Be.

Find your center, any time and any place.


Rx Breathe. Connect. Be. are breathing, guided relaxation, visualization, and meditation practices I regularly share in my yoga classes, workshops, and Acupuncture clinic.  These recordings were inspired by the active duty Marines and Sailors I taught at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton who wanted access to these practices at home, when they moved, and during deployments.  


Now you can have access, too. If you are new to meditation and guided relaxation practices, please listen to Track 2 "Introduction to Relaxation Poses" or watch the video "Finding a Meditative Seat." 


All tracks were produced by JBRB Creations, a family recording studio. 

May Rx Breathe. Connect. Be. remind you of your own inner healer, teacher, and creator within.


Please listen to these tracks as much as you like from my website.  If you prefer to download it to your device, you'll be asked to provide an email to download each track for free or you can purchase the entire album.  Thank you for your support.

Finding a Meditative Seat

Finding a Meditative Seat

Finding a Meditative Seat
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Finding a Meditative Seat for Beginners

Finding a Meditative Seat for Beginners

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