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The Qi & Prana Podcast

Demystifying the Unseen

Gather round, we’re going to have those conversations medicine women and Truth seekers have when no one else is around.  It’s time for some truth-telling.  


You're invited to join as we bring much-needed voice and representation to women in medicine, healers, and visionaries from around the globe to discuss the unseen life forces influencing our lives in subtle, and not so subtle, ways that impact our health and vitality individually and collectively. 

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About this podcast

It's time to heal.  It's time to rise up together.

Bridging science and spirit, intelligence and intuition, the external and internal we will have discussions and interviews with Truth seekers, healers, and modern medicine women specializing in East Asian Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, bio-medicine, and indigenous medicine. These conversations will highlight women living their ordinary lives in extraordinary ways.   


These conversations will offer a shift in the paradigm of modern healthcare, get to the heart of what it means to heal, and widen our perspective on resilience, possibility, and the ongoing journey of living spiritually enriching lives in the face of a world going through shifting times.  All the guests have wise words, crazy experiences, or just too much knowledge that we can all learn from and integrate into our lives.  


We’re not afraid to be real, ask hard questions, disagree, learn from each other, be vulnerable, show what growth looks like, and have hard conversations that others avoid.  Some of these harder, or ignored conversations, include cultural appropriation versus cultural appreciation in medicine, race and identity and how that influences our personal and collective healing, healthcare and wellness inequity, how “isms” show up in our clinic and healing spaces, and all the other ways we get in our own way that causes suffering.  

Why this podcast now?

Modernization has left us without close women mentors and circles where wisdom was lived and passed on through the day to day interactions.  In this podcast, we gather around and have those conversations from the heart and gut.  We will get into topics that we all experience but are often “taboo” or left out of media and in our daily lives like mental-emotional health, health disparities, health equity, pain, body positivity, media’s influence on our health beliefs, motherhood, poop, pee, menstrual cycles, smells, and all the other parts of being human society tells us to ignore or calls “gross.” 


By being real, we will also show how healing, self-growth, and learning can reduce our suffering and liberate us from our own inner knots.  [Cue the ripple effects into our families, friends, and communities]


These conversations and stories are meant to build a bridge and normalize unspoken topics, mend our disconnections, widen our perspective on medicine and healing, help us befriend our bodies, minds, emotions, pain, and our past so we can heal and liberate ourselves personally, and collectively..


Together, we’ll destigmatize the unseen, the spiritual, the subtle, and taboo topics.  

Together, we’ll make amends and continue to heal and awaken. 

Together, we’ll learn from each other through tears, laughter, disagreements, and love. 

Together, we will make a difference, one extraORDINARY conversation at a time. 


Sound like a podcast you’d like to be a guest on? 

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Do you feel the calling?

Do you integrate sacred wisdom into your life for personal awakening, healing, and liberation?

Do you feel the calling to do the inner healing and rise up?

Have you been drawn into your own, or another's, culture sacred wisdom, or medicine and it's given you purpose? 

Do you have ideas on how we can mend the current healthcare crisis without perpetuating cycles of oppression and inequities? 

Are you a healthcare professional who is hopeful about the future of medicine and humanity?

Are you a steward of sacred wisdom and ready to share part of your story and a lesson (or two) with our listens to support them in their own awakening, healing, and liberation?

Healing and medicine come in many forms.  If you would like to be a guest on this podcast please contact us with your proposal and someone will get back to you.

The vibes of this podcast

It's time to get real

  • Inspired by Krista Tippett’s “ON BEING” unedited podcasts, this podcast will also be unedited or limited editing so listeners feel like they are in the room with us or going on a walk together.  This also is a way of showing to others that “good enough” is more than enough and re-establishes the model of harmony in our lives.  Don’t worry, audio quality is really important to me.

  • Inviting. Like we’re hanging out enjoying a cup of tea, around the fire, or out on a walk together.

  • Global Learning.  I invite you to share a short welcome in the language of your choice (first or preferred) as well as English.  I would also love to learn your understanding of life force energy (qi and prana) from your cultural experiences or knowledge.  Please also point out ways in which the wellness industry may be doing harm to cultural medicines and sacred practices (if applicable). 

  • Inspiring listeners to take these topics and conversations (many are considered taboo) into their lives. We’ve lost the community model of living in communities where wisdom, traditions, and stories were passed down through generations by just hanging out with each other.  Let’s give women around the globe a place to think outside the box everyone tries to put them inside.  Let’s free each other!  As I call it, UNLEASHING!  

  • Actionable. I’d love guests to share an actionable step, easy-to-do practice, or self-inquiry question for our listeners. If you have something people can download for free on your website, we can promote it on the podcast.

  • Connecting the audience to YOU and your amazing work.  


FAQs for Guests

You’re reading this far! Jazz hands and high fives.  Thank you!  Here are a few more things I would want to know if someone asked me to be a guest.

  • Is there payment or compensation? At this time, I do not have funds or money to pay you for this time together as we connect, talk, and chat. As part of our conversation together, I will make sure you get a chance to promote your work and how to connect with you. I want to include a photo of you on the podcast website, bio, links to ALL your social media and media platforms (if applicable), links to your courses or offerings, and help expand your community (if that is something you want).  

  • How much time do you expect each interview/chat to last?  1-2 hours, depending on your time availability.  Each guest’s interview will have 2 parts.  Part 1 will be about you and your story of how you got to where you are now so the audience can get to know you and build virtual rapport.  Part 2 will highlight a topic the guest wants others to know about.  This topic is of your choice and something you’re really passionate about sharing.  I will not necessarily record them separately but want you to get a sense of how the time together will be spent.

  • How will this content be used?  All interviews will be video and audio recorded so they can be released on a podcast platform (listening only) and YouTube for those who prefer and need closed captioning.  After our time together if you decide you do not want me to use our interview, you will have 72 hours to decide.  I will never publish anything with your voice or words without your consent and permission.  With that said…

  • Are there forms to fill out? Yes, if you want to be a guest, I have participation forms for you to fill out, sign, and get back to me prior to our interview. I will not release any of our recorded conversations without your signed permission and consent. 

Confirmed Guests, book here

Click below and find "Podcast Interview"

Please email Qi & Prana if you have any troubles

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